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  • Poultry Ground Raising System
Poultry Ground Raising System

Poultry Ground Raising System

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Name Features
V-shape bin (with hopper) Bin volume: 70Kg, 90Kg
Material: hot-dip galvanized sheet
Material thickness: 1mm
Driving Taiwan brand  Power:0.75Kw/1.1Kw/1.5Kw,
Motor Voltage: 380V/220V/others Three-phase/Single-phase,
Frequency: 50Hz, AC current
Pan feeding lines Feed pipe:
Diameter of feed pipe: Φ45mm
Material: hot-dip galvanized sheet pipe with >275g/m2 zinc coating amount
Helical spring auger: imported from South Africa, feeding ability: 450Kg/h
Feed pan:
14 grilles, pan bottom diameter: 330mm, material: pure engineering plastic
Feeding line specification: 4 feed pans/3 meter, 3 feed pans/3 meter
Sensor imported from Germany: IFM,  time delay range: 0-2hours
Lifting&suspension system It's very convenient to adjust feeding line height by winch.


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