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Weifang Hipai Machinery Co., Ltd. Established in October 1998, headquartered in Weifang anddivided into several subsidiaries-ventilation-cooling base, broiler and breeder equipmentbase, feed and feed additive base. We have registered capital of 50 millionYuan, with a total investment of more than 84 million Yuan. 

With the solid support of the Haerbin university of sicience and technology, our company owns strong technical forces, as well as strong ability to rapidly develop the new products. 

Our mainproduction including: Exhaust fan, evaporative cooling pad, air inlet, light trap, cage, drinking and feeding line for broiler and breeder, . Our company adopt CNC equipment to ensure top quality of products. 

Ou company has been acknowledged as a famous and faithful leading enterprise. We expect to establish business relationship with your esteemed company from allover the world.



Contact: Cindy Cui

Phone: +86 13563613265

Tel: +86-536-8267963

Email: cindy@wfhipai.com

Add: NO.4931,Beihai Road,Weifang City,Shandong Province,China

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