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  • Butterfly Cone fan (doule door)
Butterfly Cone fan (doule door)

Butterfly Cone fan (doule door)

  • Product description: poultry fan

1)  Advanced front double door design, small wind resistance,

high efficiency, good sealing.

2) The cone part adopts plug type connection, and do not need many bolts and nuts for tightening as before, which reduce intensity of labor and improve aesthetic extent of fan.

3) When the two semicircle shutter doors close, the rubber sealing ring makes good air tightness, which can avoid effectively the outside air from entering the room from other unworking fans and improve the working efficiency of 15-20%.

4) Blade: 6 pieces of mirror finished stainless steel blades, attractive and durable with big air volume,, low noise, no distortion, no broken

5) Belt tensioner: made of high quality aluminum-magnesium alloy, avoiding belt loosening or dropping off, extending service life of the belt and avoiding distortion.

6) Motor: high efficient and energy-saving with CCC certificate. Protection class: IP55, Insulation class: F.


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